Itching for Summer Vacation – Europe is Not Out of Reach

With airfare skyrocketing and gas prices having us stalled in traffic, the thought of a summer vacation may seem more like a headache than a pleasure this year. I noticed that flying roundtrip from Boise to Nashville would cost me at least $800 this summer. We went last year for a little over $300 apiece. From the super low gas prices of the pandemic, it is not uncommon to find it for near $5 a gallon Yikes! This may lead you to pitch a tent in your own back yard and call for a staycation.

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Shopping some of the travel sites will reveal how many cruise lines and resorts are doing their best to lure visitors to their getaways. They entice customers with “second guest flies free” or all-inclusive packages at ridiculous rates. Finding a tour that includes airfare or hotel and meals to “bundle” the experience is a more affordable option for your get-away.
Today CNN reported that Germany is offering unlimited travel for the summer for only $9.50 a month. Germany’s €9 monthly travel pass is coming this summer | CNN Travel

Once you arrive in Europe, Germany has many summer festivals to tickle your travel fancy. Unfortunately, the ones I researched online had not been updated since before the pandemic and I am not sure if all of them are back in full swing again. Depending on your destination, you may need to check for further details.

I am not intending to promote any particular tour group, but a quick Google search will show a number of sites that have discounts for those who want to travel this year. (Travel Deals – Deals on Travel | EF Go Ahead Tours was one such site.) The Oberammergau Passion Play experience was postponed from 2020 to 2022 and it looks like there are available spots on tours that include that option too. My husband and I went in 2010 and highly recommend taking part in an event that usually only occurs every ten years.

I also found roundtrip airfare to Munich from either Minneapolis or Chicago and a week’s stay for around $1500 a person. Germany Vacation Packages & Trips 2022 – Expedia The last time we flew to Germany, it cost us almost that for the airfare alone. If you belong to a travel club or join a group tour, prices can be affected that way too.

I must admit that we are not planning a trip to Europe this year but when I was looking at some of the promotions for German packages, I was tempted to look into it further. We have been trying to limit our travel to about three trips a year and we recently returned from the Mexican Riviera. We will be heading to Alaska before it turns too cold, and we have a trip planned to Israel before Christmas. Travel is one of the joys of my life. Experiencing other cultures and seeing new places fills my heart. I hope you have a chance to do some exploring yourself, even if it is not much further than your own backyard.

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