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Reuben, Reuben What’re You Thinking?

One of my favorite sandwiches to order in the restaurants is a Reuben. It surpasses a burger in my opinion in many ways. The corn beef is leaner that the ground beef burger and it is topped with delicious Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut. Thinking about the grilled rye bread which melts the gooey Swiss… Continue reading Reuben, Reuben What’re You Thinking?

Taking a Turn for Health

I can’t say my family was the most athletic but we spent considerable time outdoors and had a competitive streak. I broke my finger at age 12 or 13 while playing tetherball with my dad.  We hiked the Cascade mountains, climbed Beacon Rock along the Columbia River, and camped while dad hunted. We challenged each… Continue reading Taking a Turn for Health

Cocktail Season

The holidays are around the corner and if your home is anything like ours, that means we open the liquor cabinet and libations we have not sipped for nearly a year are brought out to sample. One daughter has become an unofficial bartender because she likes to try new mixology ideas. So, she hands you… Continue reading Cocktail Season

Wood You?

Autumn is a season when we have wood on our minds. We live in a cabin in the woods. We have a working wood splitter and this is the time of year we make sure there is enough firewood stacked and available for our wood stove where the dog likes to stay warm. Not everyone… Continue reading Wood You?

Cryptic Remains

Are your thoughts focused on the dead and decaying this week? Let me take you to some crypts to satisfy the ghoulish theme of this week. Using underground areas of churches or cities for crypts is far more prevalent in Europe than in the United States.But the pattern of placing crypts under chapels or cathedrals… Continue reading Cryptic Remains

Ghost Forests

October is a time when we explore all things spooky from spooky stories to spooky places to spooky people. We visit places we do not want to be caught after dark and seek people we do not want to meet in back allies or abandoned houses where evil lies in wait. Have you ever visited… Continue reading Ghost Forests

Can you Speak Potato?

I was amused recently when I saw a video where a young man was asking passers-by “what language do they speak in Idaho?”. Being from Idaho I was somewhat offended, although unfortunately not altogether surprised at the answers. One young man said “European”, and the next young lady said “Potato”. I didn’t know potato was… Continue reading Can you Speak Potato?

German Ravensburger Puzzles

Last week I spent time exploring the board game industry and how Germany was a major player in the distribution and promotion of indoor entertainment. This week I’d like to extend that exploration to jigsaw puzzles and the Ravensburger contribution. Otto Robert Maier began his publishing business in 1883 but produced his first board game,… Continue reading German Ravensburger Puzzles


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