A House (or Church) Divided – Geteilte Kirche am Kreuzbichl, Austria

 Many are well acquainted with the Lincoln quote while trying to hold the nation together with his “house divided” address in 1858. Years before being elected president,  Lincoln’s speech at the close of the Illinois Republican State Convention predicted,  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave … Continue reading A House (or Church) Divided – Geteilte Kirche am Kreuzbichl, Austria

Universal Worlds

This past week I was on a cruise with my family.  Although the majority of passengers were American, the staff was decidedly international. The trivia leaders were from Mexico and the UK. The cruise director was from Peru and the wonderful woman who gave me a birthday massage was from South Africa. With waiters from … Continue reading Universal Worlds

An Egg-zalent Week!

Easter is only days aways and if you have children in the house, there are likely eggs appearing in baskets guarded by happy bunnies decorating the household. Many homes will set aside some time to decorate Easter Eggs where they will eventually find their way into an egg salad or used as a hard-boiled snack … Continue reading An Egg-zalent Week!

Easter Bunny Season?

I grew up knowing a number of famous rabbits. Beatrix Potter’s, Peter Cottontail, The Easter Bunny, of course, and my favorite, Bugs Bunny with his famous “What’s Up, doc?” line. But bunny rabbits are not always there for fun and games. My hunting father stripped the little beasts in our Illinois basement to prepare them … Continue reading Easter Bunny Season?

A Twist for Lent

Some of us have an attachment to pretzels. They are easy to munch as a snack. Many airlines have resorted to pretzel snacks in the wake of so many peanut allergies and they are not as messy as chips or sticky candy when the kids need a little something to tide them over between meals. … Continue reading A Twist for Lent

Memory Fails Me

Call me lazy or call me intrigued. This week, I am going to redirect you to a post I did not write because there is no reason for me to reinvent what the author so thoughtfully explains here about the way we treat names we know from children’s stories. Why People Have Such Strong Feelings … Continue reading Memory Fails Me


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