Summer Festivals All Over

Most areas have summer festivals that we can attend and interact with the world as we reset from the humdrum of home. Festivals infuse a sense of life and joy and awareness that offers that pick-me-up that we missed during the pandemic days of self-isolation.

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A week ago, my husband and I attended a local Cherry Festival (Emmett, ID) where he was more enamored by the car show than any street vendors or carnival rides. This past weekend my daughter’s dance studio participated in a local Dairy Days Parade (Meridian, ID) whereas I was involved in an Art and Wine Festival (Garden Valley, ID). The week prior, we were in Portland, OR during their Rose Parade celebrations where we roamed the waterfront city fair and saw the naval ships in harbor.

Family at the Portland Waterfront.

Festivals were originally religious holidays, and the first recorded festival was in 1589 as a Festfall. However, feast days were in use all the way back in 1200 and 1300 although they were often more of a secular practice and indicated a large or elaborate meal. This was similar to the Spanish fiesta celebration. Festival – Wikipedia

Country Festival in Swabia.

Festivals are plentiful worldwide. I found an article that listed some of the best German festivals, but I must admit it was printed before the pandemic and I am not sure of their current status. You would want to investigate dates and availability for any of them I have listed. Guide to Summer Festivals in Germany (

There are a number of festivals in Berlin.

Carnival of Cultures – A multicultural four-day street festival. There is a Sunday parade with floats, singers and dancers from over 70 different countries. With the number of refugees moving into Germany, I am sure this has become a popular festival.

Berlin’s International Beer Festival – Features a “Mile of Beer” showcasing local and international favorites.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

If you start up North then head down the Rhine, there are many more festivals.

Germany’s Hafenfest – Known as “Kiel Week” attracts 5,000 sailors, 2,000 ships and more than 3 million visitors a year. It dates back to 1882 so they showcase a number of ancient vessels.

Traumzeit Music Festival – The industrial backdrop of blast furnaces, gas tanks, kettles, pipes, and chimneys are used for light shows and visual projections for the music that ranges from classic, pop, jazz and electronic.

Rhine in Flames – A fireworks show illuminates steamboats, vineyards and castles.

Rhine in Flames.

Hamburg SommerDOM – a 14th century festival with the largest open-air fair in North Germany.

Elbjazz Festival in Hamburg – More than 50 concerts take place at the Hambury waterfront.

This is far from an exhaustive list. Wherever you find yourself this summer, you can probably find a local festival of some sort nearby. Enjoy your summer and safe travels.

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