Memory Fails Me

Call me lazy or call me intrigued. This week, I am going to redirect you to a post I did not write because there is no reason for me to reinvent what the author so thoughtfully explains here about the way we treat names we know from children’s stories.

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Why People Have Such Strong Feelings About the Spelling of ‘The Berenstain Bears’ ?

It reminds me of the Young Frankenstein movie where they debate the pronunciation of his name. Fankenstine or Frankensteen? Maybe you have one of those names that people remember or pronounce in a variety of ways.

Its’ pronounced Frankensteen!

Caroline Siede claims another variation on this study compares the bears name may be proof of a parallel universe in her article “How you spell “The Berenstain Bears” could be proof of parallel universes”

Shakespeare claimed that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but maybe not, who knows?

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