Nashville Bierhaus

If you are longing for the traditional German lederhosen or dirndl experience in a Munich-style bier hall, you will not find it in the Germantown suburb of Nashville. Instead, it sits at the Opry Mills shopping mall across the parking lot from the Grand Ole Opry and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The Bavarian Bierhaus Opry Beer, Food & Live Music | Bavarian Bierhaus | Nashville TN is in a perfect location for visiting tourists.

My family dined there during our Nashville visit and felt we received a true German experience. The servers wore the traditional dress. Live music with even a demonstration of two Alphorns filled the air. It was a decided contrast to all the country music seeping from every other restaurant we visited in Nashville.

According to our server, and confirmed on the restaurant website, the concept for the Bavarian Bierhaus originated when two army soldiers fell in love with the German culture while serving overseas. Bob and Brian wanted to bring that Bavarian experience to Bob’s hometown of Nashville. They opened the Bavarian Bierhaus in 2017 as an authentic Munich Bier hall with more than 500 seats. An outside area of another 120 seats are also available.

The decor and uniforms were selected with great care along with the food, music and Bier. Their goal was to  offer travelers the same Bavarian Bierhaus experience they encountered at many dozens of Beirhalls across Bavaria.

The food on the menu is the traditional German sauerbraten schnitzel, brats, pretzels, and so forth. Everyone in our group was happy with their meal. Savory and sweet in all the right dishes.

Adding to the fun of the visit, patrons can stop for a photo shoot at the Bavarian cut outs. This is my nine year old grandson posing as a bier toting lad.

Andrew. Stein Wall in the background.

The Bavarian Bierhaus also had a Stein collection display. The wrought-iron cages flank an ornate brass sink. Regular guests keep their treasured steins as part of a Stein Club. It is a traditional feature of Bavarian Beirhalls. These lockers are patterned after a Bierhall in Aying (pronounced eyeing) about ten miles outside of Munich.

All members receive a locker in which to store their stein and have the option to purchase a custom stein or bring one they already have. The design of the lockers is deliberately open so that our Stein Club members can show off their customized or decorated steins! Every Tuesday, Stein Club members gather and enjoy half priced Liters of Bier in their designated stein. (

The Bavarian Bierhaus also features a gift shop so visitors can stock up on souvenirs before heading home.

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